Medical Management, Billing and Records Trackingi
Enjoy faster, more efficient service at a much lower cost…
  1. Improved cash flow with faster and more accurate billing
  2. Responsive customer-oriented support
  3. Virtual Access” over the internet…eliminate costly dedicated communication lines
  4. Improved workflow and more effective use of staff
  5. Maintenance and service contracts eliminated; Costly software upgrades eliminated
  6. Improved collections…now possible through timely notices and follow-up
Eliminate many of the routine operating expenses in your practice…
  1. You no longer have to buy your own server or deal with costly software and hardware maintenance contracts
  2. You do not have to pay for or install periodic software updates or server upgrades
  3. You eliminate the need to back up your data each day…we do it for you
  4. You eliminate the need to buy pre-printed fee slips and statement forms and the time of your staff to print and mail them
  5. You eliminate your staff’s need to prepare and mail recall, reminder and dunning letters.