The HealthWeb Solutions Story…

Leveraging 20+ years of experience in medical systems, HealthWeb Solutions was founded by Joe Coyne as a new choice in Practice Management Systems. In partnership with and IBM, HealthWeb Solutions created a unique internet-based practice management model. This technologically-superior Application Service Provider (ASP) platform eliminates the need for costly and complex in-house servers, while allowing medical practices to maintain complete control over their data.

The Profit Squeeze

Today’s Physician Community faces intense pressure: tracking paperwork, managing increased regulations, maintaining cash flow, while enduring shrinking payer reimbursements and escalating costs. If not effectively managed, these pressures negatively affect a practice’s profitability and its ability to focus on what matters most: the patients. Practice management systems were created to lighten this load. But current in-house systems often add to the problem…with expensive hardware, ongoing software and maintenance fees and upgrade costs. The heavy use of office staff to manage these systems can limit time for more productive activities, such as scheduling, collections and reporting. As the medical community embraces internet-based systems, it realizes increased productivity and lower costs!